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Does anyone have a proven pair of USB-C socket from aliexpress and a footprint to them?

phil from seattle:
If there is a datasheet that goes with the connector, you should be able to easily make a footprint.

Yes, i know, but cheap chinese shops send parts without any docs. :-)

phil from seattle:
The problem with what you are asking is that the vendors (like aliexpress vendors) do not have a consistent supply of parts so the USB connector [or any other part, for that matter] you buy from a given vendor may not be the same that someone else buys from that vendor. For what it's worth, you can find parts on eBay/Amazon/Aliwhatever that do have datasheets.  I found a strip of 50 USB connectors on eBay years ago for a few dollars - there was a datasheet so I was able to make a footprint and it has worked just fine.

The second problem is that making up a footprint for a part like that without a datasheet is going to be hit or miss, probably taking some trial and error experimentation. I assume that is why you said "proven".  But that seems a lot of effort to save a little money.  As they say "penny wise,..."

Personally, I would not bother.  USB connectors are not that expensive to begin with and you can get Aliexpress level prices from Chinese distributors - LCSC for example. It will have a datasheet. And they take PayPal.  Shipping will probably more than double the cost to you but still pretty low. For example, at LCSC, C145792 is a micro-B connector for $0.114 USD each.  Falls to $0.0853 USD in quantity 50.

For what it's worth, western distis have microUSB connectors for around $0.50 USD if you don't want to bother with Chinese distis.


--- Quote from: canis_lupus on March 21, 2021, 03:18:38 pm ---Yes, i know, but cheap chinese shops send parts without any docs. :-)

--- End quote ---

Honestly,  what the fuck do you expect?


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