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Using Kicad PCB editor without a netlist.(solved)


I think this may be an easy one for experienced Kicad users.

I have a very large but simple circuit with stacks jof repetition, It's a MCPCB panel for leds, nothing else.
I want to add tracks to the pads of my led models but can't seem to do it because there is no netlist.
Is there a way around this? (Without a netlist.)

Also can I just lay pads down in Kicad? I can't see a way of doing this.

I am using the stable build of 19th Jan 2012

Did you turn DRC off on the Preferences->General first? By default, KiCad does a live DRC check, so it will not let you do anything that is not specified in a netlist.

Turn DRC off, and you can add parts and tracks without any complaints.



That's fixed it.


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