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What exactly is wrong with KiCad's gerber output?

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After listening to the AmpHour podcast featuring Mr Himpe, he briefly mentions his dissatisfaction with KiCad and OSS in general but also mentions that KiCad is unable to generate gerbers correctly. (I hope I haven't put words in his mouth)

I have done a brief search for any such specific issues but was unable to come up with anything in the later versions.

I'm currently working on a slightly more involved project than usual and decided to try KiCad.
(I usually work with Eagle light )

So far the UI, nomenclature, work flow quirkiness were easy to get over by reading the manuals, FAQs & howtos and customising it to my needs.

Gerber generation will be one of the final stages of my design and do not really want to be stonewalled at that stage, so could someone with more experience using KiCad please enlighten me to what the gerber issues are?

Should I continue with KiCad or move onto another tool before I spend too much effort on this?
The alternative would be to purchase an Eagle license since my design exceeds it's free license limitations.

Thanks in advance,

There aren't any issues with gerber output that I'm aware of. I regularly use Kicad and have been doing so for over 5 years.
I've sent the generated gerbers from Kicad to an outside board house and also used it on LPKF's CircuitCAM.


KiCad generated good Gerber files for me but I did find that the viewer didn't work properly for me. I used GCPrevue (free and I had used it before) to view the Gerber files and had PCB Pool manufacture a couple of double sided designs which worked OK.

Thanks for the responses.

I think I might stay with KiCad hopefully any issues I face will be standard issues I can deal with.

I remember him saying that slots don't output correctly. I believe he is correct - they never look right in Gerber viewers for me. Usually, I exclude them and specify the slot separately on a mechanical layer.


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