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why is KiCAD not following rules for nets. VDD turns into GND

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I have a schematic I made. I have nets. Like VDD, VSS and GND.

On the schematic they look fine. On the PCB editor the nets are renamed. Like VDD does not wanna exist and I get caps with GND on both sides.

How do I just make it plot what the hell is in the schematic without making decisions to change something based on something I can't find. I don't need that feature. I figure its some crap with the parts. I just want it to do what it says its doing.

I don't want whatever its doing.

I can just plot lines everywhere to make it a star ground on the schematic and then put a plane over it.. but WTF, I should be able to use nets. Why the fuck is it changing the god damn net. There is no problem.

Oh, ok. I wrote this out and then I figured its trying to help me, cryptically. There was a short through a diode on the ass end corner of a schematic bridging things. I guess it would be nice if it told you plausible short circuit. Maybe it does in the ERC but I Have like 999 problems there. The sky is falling because of some floating N/C pin but the short circuit between VDD and GND is hidden on priority #485

Yep I expected schematic to be wrong when I started reading.

And it would have been a short that you created in your schematic. Who put it in the ass end corner of the schematic?

If you have a heap of problems in DRC then there's your problem. You should have zero. Then it's simple to find real errors like you were having rather than the ones you just want to ignore.

maybe if I was being paid to make it at work I am not gonna go through all that BS, not for this prototype, I wanna get this done !!!

i usually proofread it by looking at the print out traces with the data sheets and a marker

DRC won't catch this type of error,  but if you did an ERC on the schematic it would have plainly told you "Warning: Both VDD and GND are attached to the same items; VDD will be used in the netlist"
I don't always get to zero "errors", but I do check all the reports to see if they matter.

need assistant to read this  >:(

i decided to buy good interconnects and make a smaller pcb that i can hook into a different pCB later to test stuff because the mega boards are not worth it until you have zero uncertainty.

i have more options for characterizing the board this way too, I Can know more about it, then making assumptions about the signals

also I am going to put some AC tvs diodes into small pomona boxes that i can hook up to any bnc connector to protect the input like a connector saver so their universal for prototypes, easy to test the effect of, and not have to rework a pcb with expensive parts on it with solder


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