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0.2mm Thick FR4

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Has anyone worked with 0.2mm (0.0079") material for constructing a 2 layer PCB?

Any general comments on work ability, etc?

Yes, you typically just ask the manufacturer to use a "prepreg" layer as the actual board.
They are crazy flexible!
There might be some manufacturing limitations compared to normal thickness boards, but I don't recall off-hand.
Of course you will need flat base holders if you are going to get stuff PnP'ed on it.

Thickness of copper is probably one restriction; they might limit it to 1/2 or 1 oz.  Also don't expect great flatness / warpage specs, especially if you're careless with your copper balance (more copper on one layer).  Which may preclude the use of high-planarity parts like QFNs.  Using very small footprints should help.


Thanks for the response.

The manufacturer in particular is Myro.      Ideally I would like the circuit on a polyimide but the price is too high.

I'll give it a try.  I'll post the results.

We make multilayer boards using 0.2mm FR4 double sided core material.

Material is mechanically milled prior to pressing and there in general are no issues in processing it.

We also use the material to fabricate solder paste stencils. Granted it is a bit too thick for this sort of work  but it does produce reasonable stencils for coarser work ( 0805  cubics ) and will do a passable job down to 0603 but has difficulties in maintaining 0402 solder paste volumes.

Be aware FR4 is a bit more fragile ( if overstressed than mylar ).



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