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10K$ SMT line suggestion

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--- Quote from: ali_asadzadeh on August 12, 2022, 07:56:40 am ---Thanks guys for the tips and feedbacks, actually being able to manufacture the boards locally has very good advantages for us, Like the lead time, the lower price and the most important one, not compromising the designs!

Also since the production QTY is mostly on the lower side, I guess the machines would be 90% off in a year, so It can be used to manufacture other customer projects too and generate some side income, and I think it can pay itself back soon enough.

Though the challenging part is, the majority of the parts are smaller parts like Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, LED's, Transistors, Oscillators and crystals and smaller IC's under 10mm x 10mm, so maybe having smaller machines like lumenpnp or NeoDen YY1  can come in handy.
Do we have very competitively priced Ovens that can do both side parts and you are aware of?

--- End quote ---

I think perhaps you're not getting just how basic these cheap machines are and how very different they are from production machines. They are literally toys. If you were making tiny little controllers for hobbyists such as the many many Arduino derived little projects that people like to make where you have a BOM of maybe 30 lines and you run it now and again, sure it works, provided you accept you will sometimes spend a bit of time prodding stuff back into position that isn't placed accurately, fiddling with a feeder because its not working properly and other annoyances. In addition setting up a pick and place is not a fast process and its slower for low volume as you are very likely to not have all your parts in production packaging (trays, long tapes/reels, tubes), instead you'll have annoying little packets of parts that will need cover extension tape, a custom tray, careful handling labelling and storage so they don't get mixed up once they are out of their packets. This takes TIME, time is money and you're time and skills are needed design, testing & verifying those 20-30 complex designs a year.

I run the SMT of a small sub contractor, we do small batches of boards all the time, some of it really quite complex & expensive. I run equipment considerably better than what you are contemplating and I would decline to manufacture the board pictured if its an example of  one of your 185 lines BOMs and I would probably direct you elsewhere because my line is still missing several expensive pieces of equipment ideally needed to make it that our existing client base do not yet make necessary. Complex boards are expensive to make for all the reasons in the previous paragraph, the Neoden would be more help than just a pair of tweezers but not help enough, from your description even if it was just putting down all the little stuff, its too small and not accurate enough, it will drive you up the wall. The sad reality however is that if you need designs this complex and the associated technology they are simply not low volume friendly, and the most common workaround is to use modules like Pi compute module, Arduino Vidor etc to reduce your manufacturing complexity. (and a whole bunch of impedance matching, and complex design work those parts would need if implementing yourself)

Two sided assembly doesn't require much from an oven other than clearance, you just need to have a fixture of some kind that keeps the PCB suspended off the Mesh/Tray the PCB sits on. I used to use titanium clips traditionally used to strengthen/support a PCB during wave soldering, but these days I have a large Oven with a pin chain conveyor which is an option on most convection reflow ovens for production.

Of course it does depend what you can get over your border too....

$10K probably can get you a 2nd hand Dek stencil printer. That's about it.

Thanks SMTech for the tips,As you just said, we have lot's of complexities with complex boards, they make profit and I should find a way to solve these challenges, so they would not be that hard for the coming years, either I should wait to make more money or should I find a clever solution.


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