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4 layer board parts and population qty 10 suggestions in 2021

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I need to make a small batch of populated fairly simple 4 layers boards 8 mil tracks 7 mil spacing, no BGA's. I'm located in Canada however have used All, Bittle, Itead (China) etc in the past with good quality results.

Any suggestions for other reliable vendors that I should send the RFQ to?


phil from seattle:
I have a 4L board made by JLCPCB 100x100mm.  Happy with the quality.  5 pieces were $8. $21.30 USD total including DHL to USA.  I think 10 boards is $14.

If you don't mind paying a bit more than JLCPCB for higher quality, I can recommend wellpcb.com I use them quite a lot  and so far is very happy with them.

I just had several sets of 4 layer boards done by PCBway and I'm very happy with the results. Their web site keeps you updated with the production progress, and the cost/quality was very nice. I paid a little extra to have 0.25 mm holes but was using the normal 7/7 mil space and trace and they meet their specs reliably. This process is good enough to do 0.5mm pitch components with solder mask between the pads if you get your footprints in order and use the green solder mask.

Overall, I'm very happy with their work and continue to use them for everything. You can pay for tighter tolerances and smaller holes if you need it, but you don't have to if you don't need it. The online quote system shows you directly what each option costs, so it's easy to see what is "free" and what costs a lot. Once you get your footprints and design rules tuned to their process, it's a very reliable way to get high quality low cost PCBs relatively quickly.

that's a bog standard board, nothing special : JLCPCB. if done much tighter than that with them without any issues. They're hard to beat on price ...


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