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4 layer PCB manufacturing - machine(s) requirements for complete production line

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Hello everyone,
I need advice from people who worked in pcb manufacture.
I will sign monday a new job contract with a company who wants to produce 4-layer pcb's (from prototyping to low volumes, small pcb size, below A4 they said, but i'm sure they will need bigger size like maybe towards ~ 600x600mm, for led panels for example, they will produce also this type of pcb).
So, let's build a "machine" list.
Seems funny to start like this, but viewing the fact i always was on the other side of the pcb production process (maintenance, then r&d --> i worked in a company making the schematic and layout design, then prototyping, validation etcatera, and finally small production like 2k-5k pcb's per month, but pcb production and assembly was not in our company, we were only the designers).
I know in theory what they need, but as i never visited a pcb production site, i don't qualify as expert and i can do stupid beginner's mistakes like forgetting the air compressor, gas evacuation or some intermediary ultrasonic cleaning machine. you got the idea.
So i ask humbly for advice in what machines i need to propose for that 4 layer prod site, from the 2-sided untreated pcb's upto final pcb sent to clients.
My first idea is a complete production line (at least the main body), but as i said, i'm starting.
I saw lots of industry so i'm not really starting my first contact with this environment, i will understand the details as you propose them.

So, anyone experienced can give me some guiding lines in what machines are necessary, but detailed? I want to reduce the things i forget to count to a reasonable percentage with your help  ^-^ so the final amount won't be doubled by my mistakes. I saw experienced engineers also forgetting to buy something they couldn't avoid in the prod line, and that something was over 6000 euros without transportation at the time (one example, the cooler for a compressor in a slaughter house, half of the machines with small pneumatics were not functional whet the external temp was over 35 deg C and condensations hit some tiny electrovalves)

thanks in advance!!!

Just think of a number, double it, and then write a zero after it, and add like 12 people's salary to it. And then realize you cannot hire those 12 people.

This video will give you an idea of the scale of what's involved

Making 4L PCBs in-house seems a pretty crazy thing to want to do though when there are already so many companies offering this service.

Evaluate the requirements whether you really need to produce in-house.

Then contact a local vendor and work it out from there.

Alex Eisenhut:
I want to add a video too, just set the time machine to 1969! My little Tektronix/1960s fetish.

You're not opening a bakery here. Just dealing with the chemicals, supply and disposal, will probably keep you busy for months.


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