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4G LTE module: Quectel EG25-G vs u-blox LARA-R6

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Martin F:
Hi all,

we are designing a product that will use a 4G LTE module (either Cat 1 or Cat 4). As part of this we're looking at two options:

1) The Quectel EG25-G: https://www.quectel.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Quectel_EG25-G_LTE_Standard_Specification_V1.3-1.pdf

2) The u-blox LARA-R6:https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/LARA-R6_ProductSummary_UBX-20048923.pdf

We wanted to hear if anyone in here have experiences with Quectel modules vs u-blox and have any thoughts/comments on the above two modules vs each other?


Thomas F:
Hello Martin,

1) Quectel is cheap but shows a lack of support, and only provides the module (no sim, no platform, ...).
2) U-Blox is new with those LARA-R6 and LARA-R8. They say LARA-R6 is the smallest CAT1 module in the world, which is not true. Sequans' CAT1 module is smaller. Also they don't provide great support for connectivity (for example they don't have eSIM / eUICC / platform)

I strongly suggest you have a look at the LTE CAT1 module C10GS of Cavli Wireless (https://www.cavliwireless.com/c-series/c10gs.html). It is Linux-based, have GNSS, eSIM inside, global coverage + platform to manage connectivity & module remotely : in short all you need to connect your end-device to your end-platform.
Check our bundle offer here for 0.99 euros / month : https://www.cavliwireless.com/hubble99.html.

Contact me if you need any additional details :)


Martin F:
Thanks for the tip. I was unable to find details on regulatory certifications and provider approvals - is this something you can let me know where I can find on the site?

I have used Quectel BG96 in the past. It was a real pain. The support is not great, the docs have many errors and the firmware has strange behaviors. Just to name one that took a week to find out : when you send a command to send a package, the module will respond "send Ok". As we were in a low power application, we shutdown the module right after. We were loosing 30% of the packages because "send ok" means the BG96 has received the message to be sent, not that the message has been sent over the network.
All the team had a bad time working with Quectel.

Martin F:
Thanks for sharing your experience. Our understanding from Quectel is that they have a fairly large, dedicated support team in Serbia - but I guess you did not experience this as a help in this context. Can you share when you did this work?


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