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I always buy my PCB JLCPCB, this week I made a new project and decided to test Allpcb and saw that prototype boards are free.

Does anyone know how quality from ALLpcb is?

I've not noticed any difference between them. AllPCB have more options

The boards are fine. The free shipping to here at least makes more difference though. However if you want free you have to take the options that go with it: 5 max, and intriguingly, HASL lead-free, which suggests that they are using the margins of panels of larger industrial jobs for freebies. Not to be outdone, JLCPCB has a lower cost shipping option now.


--- Quote from: retiredfeline on October 01, 2021, 01:49:38 am ---. Not to be outdone, JLCPCB has a lower cost shipping option now.

--- End quote ---
It's not bad either, the parcel gets handed over to aramex/fastway. From uploading gerbers to receiving parcel in rural Qld is around 12~14 calendar days. Great if you're cheap and not in a rush.

Cool plus a purchase option for everyone, the price is acceptable.

For Brazil Allpcb didn't find my zip code so I had to chat over the chat, then Allpcb staff asked me to put the zip code closest to me and inform the correct code in the complementary data.

If my prototype is good I should send them a second.

I'm developing a SoM board in DDR4 format with M3 cortex from NXP, SSD1963 graphics controller and with Phy, this board has 6 layers and impedance control and I hope to do it on Allpcb.


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