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Was anyone able to route 0.45mm pad, 0.8mm pitch bga parts with the cheap 4 layer rules?
(0.45mm vias, 0.127mm trace width/spacing).
Pictures of the routed footprint would be appreciated.

Necro-quote, sorry, but I think you played this wrong.

--- Quote from: kellogs on November 16, 2021, 11:46:37 am ---My experience with AllPCB has ended before the first order:

ME 13:05
should I still wait for an answer on Ticket #7A8S9 ?

Service4 13:05
order number, pls

ME 13:06
there is none

Service4 13:07
so what is Ticket #7A8S9 ?

ME 13:07
open it and check, pls

Service4 13:10
DO you have customer ID here?

ME 13:12
ID: --------

Service4 13:13
can you express your questions clearly
I am sry that I do not know what happened to your order

ME 13:14
there is no order, my request has been created under ticket #7A8S9. And it looks like you do not have access to that ticket
Very odd

--- End quote ---

I don't see the point of trying to catch out support with this passive aggressive shit. When he asks what the ticket is, why not just tell him? In fact, I had this very situation today (but with Axminster UK) and my approach was to say, this is  my problem and BTW I have a ticket already raised for it (ref xxx). Fixed my problem, maybe yours could have been too if you'd allowed it.

Well... I have now one order experience with ALLPCB (sales support and ordering).
As the first comment, I got an impression that the sales support on chat is not much more than delivering requests to actual sales representatives. At least, they did know much more than what I can read from the web page. And this is ok. First level support is what it is. Everywhere.
The assigned sales representative replied back in no time and gave me all the details I asked. Even contacted me afterwards to check that everything is in order. So, for me the service has been spot on. Based on all the parameters so far, I will probably use ALLPCB as my primary supplier from now on.


I have used ALL PCB for about 15 orders of 2&4 layer boards, all simple with 8/8 width/spacing Boards were all pretty decent quality. I had one batch populated ( parts supplied by ALL) that had some 0.5mm spacing parts, all good with only two small issues, one through hole component on one board was not soldered on one lead. All of the boards worked fine after fixing the one solder joint. The other issue was that the boards were not as clean as they should be, white residue that does not clean up well with alcohol.

I actually had a phone call from ALL in China this morning, asking me if I was happy with service and quality, they sent me a follow up email.

I will use them again.


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