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Another PCB FAIL!

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Yes I've heard of the same technique with epson printers... magenta ink seems to give the best etch resist for some reason. I might give it a go at some point


--- Quote from: IanB on August 23, 2011, 11:59:56 pm ---There is an article on Wikipedia about this. For run of the mill boards I believe they start with a blank copper clad board, drill the holes first, plate through the holes using the copper cladding to conduct electricity to the holes, print the etch resist using a screen printing process, etch using a temperature and time controlled spray jet system, then lastly print the solder mask using a further screen printing process. Or something like that. I've often wondered myself exactly how they do it.
--- End quote ---

I found this tour of Advanced Circuits quite interesting, to put a picture to each of those steps.

You  get what you pay for.

My experience with Itead so far -> *click me*

I am still happy with their service.

The Fusion PCB Service of Seeedstudio is equally cheap. Maybe they have a better process?

I have have ordered several designs from iTead (most with clearances slightly below 8 mil) and I have never had a faulty board.


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