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Any experience with Eurocircuits.com?


As the subject says: does anyone have any experience with Eurocircuits.com ?

They're in Belgium or Hungary apparently, both close to my country (Romania) so I wouldn't have to worry about customs and waiting 3-4 weeks to get to me. I can just send them to their pool and specify 2-3 week wait instead and save some money.

They have a calculator for the boards on their site here http://be.eurocircuits.com/basic/ecbasket/order.aspx?lang=en#  and they also have some Altium templates and overall it looks quite decent...

For about 30 2 layer boards 140x40 mm in size the price per board goes down to about 5.5 euro a piece... for 100 pieces it goes to about 3 euro a piece. That sounds relatively ok to me... or am I wrong?

I have used them several times.
I think they are OK.
Good quality, good price, good delivery time.

I use their services and I recommend.

I use them for prototypes, but I usually find PCBcart are cheaper for production quantities once you're ordering enough to cover their tooling cost and shipping.


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