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Any experience with iTECH PTR-C300 frameless stencil printer?


At 400USD it is significantly cheaper than FP2636.

I had the same thought. Either the frameless printer from iTech or Neoden.
I decided on the Neoden one because it is lighter and better made.

In my opinion, the printer with frame that is available from iTech and also from Alibaba is not that well made.
I think it's the same with the frameless printer in this series. The rotary knobs for X and Y are very loose and cannot be adjusted precisely.

Looks identical to the NeoDen Frameless printer.

We had that printer and after a year we switched over to a better one.
On the end it doesnt make sense compared to a more cheaper unit.

A company I really can recommend and where I purchased a printer from: https://dieter-metz.de/produkte/schablonendrucker/3-2seitenspannung/7-sp3050.html
Price was around 2k.

The problem I have with these types of printers (I have the Neoden alternative) is adjusting the stencil angle to sit flat over the PCB. I found it tedious when i have to swap stencils and having to readjust this angle, thats why I have mine set with one stencil that I use often, and do not change. If you have only one type of board, or have one standard size panel then it may be ok.


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