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Any reliable PCB Assembly (PCBA) Turnkey Service?


PCB manufacture is now a common, standard service around the world.
But before PCB Assembly, Components sourcing is very complex, cost time and money.
Thousands of components in the world, has variant of assembly process and quality specifications.

I have found some: NexPCB, Alibaba, OneStop,

Is it safe and convenient to try the  PCB Assembly (PCBA) Turnkey Service online?

I haven't checked that before, but to add to your list: http://smart-prototyping.com/

OP signature is displaymodule which is a partner of NexPCB from their website. All the 7 post OP make always make reference/suggestion to NexPCB.
The forum does allow a company to advertise/promote their business, but it's ethical to give a clear point of view who you actually is.

I found a pitch in youtube: about nexpcb.

Still by google, There is an interesting project : Apitronics Wireless Platform working with NexPCB. Feedback seems positive as following : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lthiery/apitronics-wireless-platform/posts/685372

--- Quote ---This iteration of the Bee was also the first time I worked with NexPCB, the company who will be handling the PCB manufacturing and assembly. They've been fantastic so far, providing excellent quality, giving me lots of Design For Manufacturing (DFM) advice, and having been nice enough to swing by my office a few weeks so that we could get to know each other better.
--- End quote ---


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