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Anyone any experience with the LumenPnP from Opulo (Stephen Hawes)

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I recently purchased a (yet to be delivered) TVM802B to be my first PnP.  While I'll be using it "for production," I anticipate low volume and high babysitting effort, that's fine with me and I think in the price range I had available, that was always going to be the case.

I looked at the Lumen (as well as the Pandplacer A1 and the mysterious TornadoSMT V2) and seriously considered it.  I really wanted an OpenPNP machine, but at the end of the day this device - for me - is more a tool than a project.  I felt like the Lumen is probably another 12-18 months away from realistically getting to that point (based on what I can see and what I've read from a number of users).  Mad respect from me to the team for all they've accomplished, but (as an example) there are no feeders yet that are not 8mm, and the lead time was 5 weeks (ish).  Had the unit and feeders been in stock, I might have one in my shop right now.

I think the $2-4k desktop PnP space has a lot of options, very little documentation, and almost anything is going to have good and bad aspects.  For me, ultimately, it came down to the fact that the maximum advertised throughput on the Lumen is "800+cph."  I expect even a fiddly TVM, with passive feeders to (after it's dialed) be at least double that and probably faster.

I hope the Lumen team continues making progress, seems like a great project.


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