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Anyone any experience with the LumenPnP from Opulo (Stephen Hawes)

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I'm thinking of pushing the go button on one of these for light duty use....Anyone played with one?

Thanks, Stu

Sorry to say but it doesn't seem to be worth it.

Motors -- too small, too low power
Simple gantry design ... just buy a 3d printer and dodge a cheap pnp head on it.
OpenPNP ... not even developed by Opulo...
EMC ... don't even dream about that.

And all those printed parts DIY ... I mean you can print them straight away right now.
Extruded Aluminum is cheap and you can get it everywhere.
There's not even a drag-chain just some dodgy hanging part.

1700$ ok the guy is an enthusiast who should be supported but that's too much.

If I would like to go that way I'd rather buy a chinese machine maybe used, and update their controller to support openpnp if the chinese
software is not sufficient.

A PNP is not difficult to design and build --- it's all about the feeders.
Want 50 feeders? ... setup-time per feeder 3-5 minutes ... 2:30 - ~4:00 setup time for the feeders.
It's quite some work to design reliable feeders.
How about humidity can the machine stand different humidity levels?

- You also need to organize the smd components
- You will have to organize your PCB projects (and revisions)
- possibly stock monitoring / component counter

- you will need a stencil printer
- you will need a reflow oven

certainly it can all be done cheaply but if you want to do it efficiently it will be more expensive.

I wonder if the recent NeoDen move with theirs low cost YY1 is in response to the low cost Index PnP.

I've been following the development for a while, and I think it's *almost* there. As MR said, it seems a bit over priced for what you get in the kit, so I hope they can bring the price down with volume.

The thing I'm most interested in is the feeders, his most recent video has a very slim and probably cheap design. If he can get them going reliably for 30-40 bucks that would probably make the design worth it.


--- Quote from: MR on August 18, 2022, 09:48:48 pm ---Sorry to say but it doesn't seem to be worth it.

--- End quote ---

I disagree.

He puts lots of thought into his PnP and the cost is reasonable. Bonus: He really uses his own machine - this concept is unknown in China!

I have a Chinese PnP and parts are failing left and right. Mainly due to poor connectors (all no brand from the electronic markets). Then you have dreadful software (mine uses Windows 7).

I believe with the LumenPnP you have at least a user that can give you support.

Of course it's a hobby machine and not for the daily production user.

Disclaimer: I am not related to LumenPnP, I have no LumenPnP, I don't plan to buy a LumenPnP. If I had no PnP I would consider a LumenPnP.


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