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Anyone here using a GKG G5 Automatic Stencil printer?


Hey Folks,

I'm looking for other people using a GKG G5 stencil printer, as I've just got mine up and running on my line (bought it second hand from China) and I'd like to find people I can talk through board setup and trouble shooting with.

I'm sure some of the things I'd like to talk over might be relevant to other fully auto machines, and I'm happy to chat in general, but finding other folks with a G5 would be amazing.

Cheers :)

Unexpected Maker

We own the Ekra X4 but recall that this printer company is one to watch. Believe that they 'cloned' the original Ekra line years ago in Asia but they have a good reputation.

Do post your same request on smtnet.com for other feedback. The vendor should have local reps that can also assist you on any questions.


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