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Anyone knows companies doing turnkey PCB prototyping (PCB+A) low cost?


I'm manufactoring small batches in China through a contractor and I get good prices but they don't want to do prototyping. Of course they don't present it that way but things start to get complicated the minute I ask them.

Here is the scenario - I have a new PCB design and I would like to make 2 to 4 prototypes. I always use parts from Digikey / Mouser  / Etc. I need someone to make the boards, assemble them and ship to me. The key point is low cost. I am able to get this service for $300 per board but that is not good is it?  :--
Anyone knows companies who offer this kind of service? Thanks for sharing!


--- Quote from: slow_rider on June 12, 2015, 11:13:26 pm --- The key point is low cost. I am able to get this service for $300 per board but that is not good is it?  :--

--- End quote ---

Some important bits of information would help us all...like;

1. Where are you located?
2. What is the size of the board, and number/complexity of components?
3. Why are you unable/unwilling to assemble a small batch of boards yourself?

If you are looking to prototype boards for design verification and troubleshooting its not going to be worth any assembly house's time to setup a line to run three boards and you're likely going to pay for complete hand assembly.

If you are doing a test run to verify the assembly house with a large run to immediately follow I doubt they would put up much as much of a fuss. As in "Run 10 boards and is they come out good press the green button and make me the other 9990".

They are making money off volume and you are saving money amortizing setup cost over hundreds, or thousands, of boards.

First off, prototypes and 'low cost' do NOT go together - ever.

What country are you in? For USA Sunstone/Screaming Circuits is a reliable option but not likely the least expensive. They can go soup to nuts though. Send gerbers and a BOM and your boards arrive assembled. That is the theory anyway. In reality, with prototypes there is a high probability of small mistakes causing a delay. poorly designed pads, soldermask, etc. missing or incomplete information in the BOM will delay or screw up the build.

The assembly people have to do the same amount of organization and setup to run 2 PCB's as if they were going to run 10,000. It is tedious and time consuming and the prices you get will reflect that no matter where you go.

Tell us about your PCB. Fine pitch? How many BOM lines? through hole? Total placements? 1 side or 2 sides? I was regularly getting quotes over $300 for my boards in qty of 2 so I setup to do them in-house where I can control every element. After 18 months, I have saved a lot of money. Not just the cost of assembly, but identifying issues right away and getting the design production ready MUCH faster than sending out for assembly.


PCBway do pcb's and also prototype assembly of these pcbs.

I have used them for pcb's but did my own prototype assembly as I wanted to assembled and test it in stages. Costing is here.




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