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Anyone used Seeedstudio 4-layer?

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Surprisingly when searching the web and this forum there doesn't seem to be any reviews or comments about the quality of the 4-layer boards from Seeed (or Itead for that matter since they're most likely the same.)

Anyone used them?

I'm about to get a 10x20cm 4-layer board done that's not particularly dense but is mixed signal and needs the extra planes for noise (or at least 4-layers will make it a lot easier.)

Interested as well. I've got a simple 4-layer in the pipeline, and right now I'd flip a coin to pick either Itead or Seeed to see if it's any good. In my case it's a 5x5 cm with mostly digital stuff. Basically FPGA + assorted fluff on top, decoupling caps on the bottom.

Any tolerances to be aware of, or do they both live up to their claimed performance?

My current project uses a 4 layer board from Seeed. Registration does not appear to be a problem, though I think I increased the isolation on the inner layers somewhat.

What track and space did you use?  I see their minimum is 8mil for the inner planes.  8mil is fine for what I'm doing if they can do it reliably.

Overall is the board fine?

I used 0.16mm track/space on the outside, 0.25mm track on the power planes, and I bumped the polygon pour clearance up to 0.5mm. While I have not examined the boards minutely, they seem to be OK, and there have not been any faults attributable to the PCB manufacture (though there have been quite a few attributable to my programming!).


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