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Are mechanical tape feeders interchangleble?


Well my company recently bought small used smt line (to be more accurate just Screen printer, p&p and reflow oven). 
Our current machine park: MPM AP Excel Screen printer, Juki Ke-2020L, Speedline Electrovert Omniflex 7 reflow oven. And even thou I didn't even turn it on my manager found on auction service  some old Panasonic line, and I've been asked whether mechanical feeders can be used in our ke-2020L. And truth to be told I don't know even where to look for such information.

So can anyone help me, or even point a direction where to find such information?

And bonus round question, I've been offered 2 self tensioning frame for my screen printer LTC Quattro-flex II and Cookson Electronics Alpha tetra with the first one 300eur more expensive. Can anyone advise me which one is better?

I'm pretty sure that there is no standard, they are all custom and proprietary, that's how they lock you in and suck more money out of you.

Unfortunately I was expecting that. At least we could use those conveyors. Nonetheless thank for confirmation.

Feeders are usually specific to the machine manufacturer, but tend to stay the same between machines by that manufacturer. I think there are a few 'equivalents' where comapnies have been taken over so machines that appear to be from different manufacturers are actually just different vintages of the same line.


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