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BatchPCB turns to OSHPark

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So...I just found out that BatchPCB is closing it's doors, and is now moving all of its customers over to OSHpark. Good or bad for the industry do you think? I can already see there being a whole lot of projects with purple PCBs now...

Wait - I thought this was old news.  :-//

--- Quote from: kizzap on April 20, 2013, 03:58:14 am ---... purple PCBs now...

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You will not be disappointed unless you really hate purple. OSH Park PCBs are higher quality in every respect -- tolerances, finish, and material.

Agree. The OSHPark boards come out well and I don't think the price was much different.

Also, I have to say the deep purple and gold sure is pretty. Maybe that has something to do with me growing up in southern Louisiana?  :-//

Did a little detective work (read as I read the date of the post about it on the OSHpark site) and it was only posted the 18th. (so effectively the 19th in Oz.)

and a plus is that they now have free international shipping.....  :scared:


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