Author Topic: Best module for global cellular upload with 4 Mbit/s+ practical upload speed?  (Read 650 times)

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Hi all,

We're looking to identify the best cellular module for a new PCB design.

Our use case in short:
- We produce data loggers that record large amounts of data to an SD card
- The recorded log files are automatically uploaded to the user's own server when the device is connected
- Today we have a WiFi-enabled version, but we're looking to add a device with built-in cellular functionality

Our spec requirements:
- Upload speed: Ideally 3+ Mbit/s in practice (not just theoretical)
- Coverage: Ideally global via 1 module variant (most seem to come in multiple variants to achieve this)

We've looked at u-blox modules like the TOBY-L2 series (4G, regional) and SARA-U2 series (3G, global), but we seem to be unable to find options that offer both 4G upload speeds and global coverage. We'd be interested in hearing any thoughts/suggestions for what modules we might consider.

Thank you!

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Was in the same situation. It's either you opt for the CAT LTE-M or NBIoT modules that has many global band modules from variety of brands to choose from. But, the big BUT is these network are not fully supported everywhere, patchy at best I would say. So, you probably have to opt for LTE Cat-1. Not many global modules available unless from Quectel which I uses but the current Qualcomm chip set shortage that the modules are based on brings the lead time to half a year, even for samples. Your typical other manufacturer like Sierra Wireless or Ublox doesn't have global module. SIMCOM has a few modules that I think could fit the global band requirements although not fully in the sense say for NA bands, not all the bands are fully supported. And these modules are based on ASRmicro chip set which brings down the cost a lot lower compared those based on Qualcomm ones. But, again lead time is another issue for these too. Just forget about 3G totally as they are already being sunset in many developed countries and even here in Malaysia.

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For any global deployment, you need to consider LTE CAT1 (goes until 10Mb/s).
As is saying 48X24X48X, ASR and Qualcomm are having 40+ weeks of leatdime, which impact all the module manufacturers.

At Cavli Wireless, we provide a C10GS module with global band, eSIM integrated to go anywhere in the world, platform management for connectivity and module. More specifically, it is based on GCT semiconductor chipset and our leadtime is between 5 and 10 weeks.
Go check the module here :

Let me know if you have any questions :)


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