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Blu-tak used in metal cased PSU assembly?

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--- Quote from: jpanhalt on December 08, 2021, 08:38:17 pm ---I love working on mechanical puzzles, but in light of this post:
I wonder why you haven't just assigned the problem to someone else.

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That is clearly sarcasm, he hates undercutting from chinese vendors.

Just to be clear here is an example of a countersunk screw with undercutting.[attach=1]

Their intended use is for attaching thin materials where the thickness of the material is less that a standard CSK head depth.  They can be had with different included angles.  One can sometimes find undercut screws that are severely undercut (or make them yourself).  If you go DIY and can't thread the undercut part, just neck it in to clear the mating threads.

Two other approaches are to dimple both surfaces or add contersink to the thread part too.  It is too late for the former, but the latter might work if the metal is thick enough.

Blu-tac absorbs moisture and gets very soft when hot. Perhaps BigClive.com should see what electrocuted blu-tac looks like


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