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board handling, conveyors / magazine unloaders which brands?


So I'm looking for an unloader (after the oven). I've got all Nutek gear at the moment but open to any brand. I've avoided Chinese stuff elsewhere but an unloader is non-vital enough that maybe Chinese ones are fine? What brands would people recommend? Basic needs, SMEMA or Hermes, single or multiple magazine unloader, as small width wise as possible. Board size 240x240.

Got quotes back from a few brands. Jot is expensive but they are amazing looking.  100% what I'd go for if they weren't 12 x times the price of the cheap options... they do look 10 times nicer but I'm not sure how fancy a destacker or unloader needs to be.  I've found a used nutek locally so I'll probably go for that. 

JOT board handling equipment is the best in my opinion from what I have seen.  I have a JOT board unloader for sale at low price if anyone interested. 

I have a Nutek conveyor thats made pretty well.  Never gave me issues.  In my experience board loading needs equipment than can handle adjusting to perfect timing.  Most cheaper manufacturers dont get this 100% right. 

Our Nutek turn conveyor is secondhand and built very well. The only thing to watch is if it has PLC control: if the battery goes flat the program will be lost. Ask me how I know this ;)

Grab or more a suitable RS-232 to USB cable, download the software from Panasonic and do a backup. We were able to get a copy of the software from Nutek, but it was an expensive exercise as they don't keep software for obsolete stuff just on file. Someone had to go and download it out of an old machine!


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