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Board too big to fab cheaply? (6x8")

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--- Quote from: justanothercanuck on December 28, 2012, 11:41:40 am ---....and I think it would disrupt the look of the board, and the premise of the project...  and there are some components I just can't convert, because they're ~30 years old.

--- End quote ---
I get the impression that the appearance of the finished board is important? If you want a certain colour for the substrate then you have no choice but to pay more....

Another idea... perhaps it would be cheaper to make the board a two layer one and use additional small pcbs that mount vertically to make room on the big board... kind of like how power supplies use small dc-dc converters on separate boards:

like you see in this picture : http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Silverstone/ST45SF-G/images/in_VRMs3.jpg

Not sure if there'd be a problem with the additional resistance of the connectors and trace lengths when connecting the pcbs together though.

I guess I can spill the beans a little...  I'm trying to build a 70s/80s microcomputer from scratch...  I'm hoping to keep it as classic looking as possible...

Anywho, I can move the power supply to its own board, and move the memory/IO logic chips to a riser board, but the main board (containing the MPU, ROM, and half the RAM) still remains. 

And it leaves out how I would interconnect all these PCB fragments.  I was tinkering with the idea of making a backplane that other boards would connect to (UART/serial, the other half of the RAM, video, sound, maybe DMA... FDC...  I'm getting ahead of myself here), but the only connection method I could think of that would provide adequate contacts is a PCI connector.

I'm not that keen on slimming the board down to 2 layers... because of the busses running down both sides of the chips, running power lines might not be possible...  I suppose theoretically I could move the busses to a single side, but I'm pretty sure I would still wind up using both layers for signal traces, which makes running power and ground planes a pain.

But I'll keep thinking about it...  I really want to see this project to the end, I was just hoping it would be cheaper so others could also build one of their own.

fab it at iteadstudio. it'll be cheap.

Just wondering, did this ever get completed, if so, do you have pics?


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