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Board too big to fab cheaply? (6x8")

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I've been working on a PCB in kicad, and I've started to think about how I'm going to get it fabbed.

The board is quite large, 6x8" in size, 4 layers, comprised of all through-hole components.  I could convert the passives to SMT so save some space, but it wouldn't save a lot, and I think it would disrupt the look of the board, and the premise of the project...  and there are some components I just can't convert, because they're ~30 years old.

I had a look at a few sites listed on the wiki for board fabbing, but they all seem to want $300+ to build my board, let alone place parts on it...  Seems like a lot considering you can buy a PC motherboard for less than $100.

Am I really stuck paying these crazy prices?


Eurocircuits will do 1 for 150 euro (including shipping)

If you want more boards, like 10 or more, it's much cheaper... about 35 euro + vat for each board.

Play with the calculator here if you want: http://be.eurocircuits.com/basic/ecbasket/order.aspx?lang=en

6x8 isn't big by any means. Bear in mind it's the PC motherboard that's ridiculously priced for what it is, because they're produced in enormous quantities. Any one-off PCB is going to be expensive purely because of the tooling cost.

Really?  I don't mind being the one that's crazy, but I figured oldschool tech would be cheaper...  :scared:

Does it really need to be 4 layer? Going to 2 layer (even if you need finer track/space) will save a lot of cost.


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