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Cam350 and NC data.


Hey all

I'm having some trouble exporting the NC data with CAM350 and exporting the NC data correctly.

What I am trying to do is have a single pcb design stepped through a full panel that I can get Fabricated. The issue arises when I try load the NC file into a gerber viewer (GerberLogix in this case) it throws up some errors saying that the code is not supported with stuff like M25, M01, then a whole lot of M02s with the X and Y steps as needed. As I understand (from Googling) that M25 is Pattern Start, M01 is Pattern end, and the M02s are just the steps as to where the pattern starts from. What I am worried about though is that if it isnt looking correct in GerberLogix, is it probable that the NC data is wrong? or is it more likely that GerberLogix can't handle the pattern Step and repeat?

If anyone has any insight to this, can you please leave a comment?



Haven't actually tried NC drill step & repeat function with CAM350. Are you trying to panelize your design? I'd just simply copy the design manually to correct places in the panel (but if you have the panel editor option, there may be more convenient way available) and then just export gerbers and nc drill data just as it would be a single PCB.


AHA!!! Found it!!

For some reason under the step and repeat option it has an option for using SR( no idea what it means, but it uses the M02 Codes, etc) and deselecting it has made it work properly.  :scared: :wtf:

@jahonen That was going to be my next plan, however at 150 boards(very small boards) per panel, I would have lost my mind.


EDIT: damn, now I just have to work out why the compensation on the tool isnt working right...


I wouldnt trust gerberlogix as far as i can throw it....

Solid gerber processors : Genesis Frontline , Ucam , Valor  and Cam350.

The rest ? All flawed in one aspect or another.


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