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Can I put these in an oven?


Just about to reflow a pretty complex board. I've checked the profiles for pretty much all of the components except these: https://www.digikey.co.uk/en/products/detail/amphenol-cs-commercial-products/RJSSE508001T/4894885. The board is 4 layer with huge ground planes, so I'm going to be at the upper end @ 250 degrees C (~480 deg F) peak. Specific profiles are vague/non existent & I can only see a reference to  JEDEC-020C and UL 94V-0. Anyone used these before with lead free? I'm planning on SMD291SNL250T5 paste.

Note: Reflow soldering peaked at 260⁰C for 10 seconds max for the shielded, mine is unshielded. Time for metalic tape?

The Amphenol website has a full product specification with reflow profile.
Did you look there or contact Amphenol?  Don't rely just on the distributor provided data.

It does state

--- Quote ---Recommended Soldering Temperature
Lead free reflow soldering up to 260⁰C for 10 seconds (refer to reflow profile below, maximum of 3 reflow passes permitted)
--- End quote ---

The described profile is nothing special, nothing should really be going over 260C anyway in normal circumstances. Of course if you are running a shitty tabletop IR oven you could have nasty hotspots and plastics tend to have a bad day.


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