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Can I trust Heisener.com ?



I need to purshase very specific ( and expensive ! ) component. Even the manufacturer ( Analog Devices ) has only a few units in stock.
Heisener.com has a large stock ( around 4000 ) and I need only 100 units.

I didn't know this company before doing research on this component.
Have you ever had the opportunity to order on this site? Is it serious and reliable ?

Thank you for your help :)

Yes, they will deliver. They are one of those companies though who bought up dwindling supplies and are now selling their stock for 4x-20x price to rip off everybody affected by the current market situation. I guess one will buy from them when there is absolutely no other option and I cannot blame you, but otherwise I'd recommend to stay away from them.

Thank you pylo.

I got feedback from them today....and you are right.
The crossed out price is bullshit. They sent me a quote with a price X2 compared to the manufacturer's price....and X6 compared to their own crossed out price.

But the manufacturer price is 3200$ / unit so X2 is a huge difference  :-DD


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