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Can't remove toner....

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Anything with petroleum distillates should do it.

Read the label.

In the bathroom try Absorbene Jr.
In the shop paint stripper, not the eco friendly kind.

Use a bristle brush to apply, it melts most plastics. Rubber gloves are good as well.


M. AndrĂ¡s:

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haha good luck to clean that out :)

Industrial vacuum with HEPA filter, no problem............. You may need a new filter afterwards though.

I generally use ordinary paint thinner/remover to remove the toner commonly known in Poland as 'nitro'. It's a mixture of acethone, toluene and sometimes turpentine and/or methylated spirits. Removes the toner without any problem.

At some point when i ran out of nitro i went on a hunt for nail polish remover into my girlfriend's drawer. She had only 'acethone free remover with scent of flower and lemon' ( :o  ???). I dunno what was in there instead of acethone, but it was hell lot of stronger than acethone.


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