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Castellated holes are for wussies. I want castellated SLOTS !!


Anyone ever get castellated slots done?  I want a portion of the edge of my PCB to be plated:  just like a castellated hole, but wider.

I have seen castellated slots on pcbs, but never done any myself.

You do castellated holes using normal holes with board outline going through them.
So you should just be able to put a slot there in the same way.

I don't see any issues.

Just be aware they will charge extra for castellated holes/slots because the drill/router bit needs to be much newer/sharper to get clean cuts without tearing up the pads.

It wasn't a slot but years ago I made a PCB to replace a AA battery and plating its ends worked fine.  One end was similar to AA positive terminal, other end had 2 big semi circles that fit with coil spring of battery holder.

Well you can plate the entire edge of a board if you wish to do so. You'll just need some space to hold your board in the panel e. g. with mouse bites.

It's a normal technique, nothing magical really. Ask your PCB manufacturer on the details on how you should define them in your data.


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