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Charmhigh CHM-551 Pick and Place machine fellow users


I bought the CHM551 from Charmhigh and we will build our first board today.  I wanted a machine that could handle 0201 components.  The machine's performance has been amazing after practicing with the software, feeders, and calibration.  I struggled with importing a CSV and aligning it to the machine coordinates.  I fixed it using a spreadsheet that takes offset and angle and maps the entire x,y CAD space to the machine space.  This requires one extra step but after my calibration, the location accuracy is almost perfect for the many 0201 components.  If anybody wants to know how I did it, ask for a copy of the spreadsheet and a quick lesson.  The spreadsheet solves the problem of an angle offset as just an X, Y offset is not good enough if the board is not perfectly square to the rails.  A 1-degree error is bigger than an 0201 component across a small board.

I will upload a video soon.

I am hoping to connect with other users to share tips.  I already learned a lot about Yamaha feeders from other postings.


This was our first job, a densely populated sensor board with 320 2x2mm magnetometers, 700 0201 capacitors, and 12 1.8x1.2mm level shifters.  We are still working out the kinks.



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