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I am trying to figure the best adhesive to use on assemblies for securing patches, etc.     You always see the "snot" of consumer electronics.      I have used everything from superglue to silicon RTV.    I would like to find a product that gets stiff (but not too stiff) and dispenses well.

Superglue is a bit conductive, so no good. I find Electronics grade/neutral RTV silicone is among the best for the long term reliability. Of course if you need faster cure time or apply a very thick layer, two component adhesives would be a better choice.

Another to consider is Hot Glue.


--- Quote from: station240 on February 24, 2016, 01:02:04 am ---Another to consider is Hot Glue.

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Please, dear Lord, no. There's this minor issue with hot melt: it melts when it gets hot. As electronics often do. Once had a batch of Chinese PSUs. If you turned them upside down, the goo would be leaking out  :--



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