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CompactFlash connector for diy assembly
« on: November 26, 2021, 09:09:54 pm »
I haven't done anything with CF cards before, and in a bit of a quandary what to choose for
easy diy soldering.
I'm also learning kicad, so not sure atm about ready available footprints for these.
mouser currently have these in stock
I've picked thru-hole here.
there are SMT also available, but worried they might be a bit hard to DIY solder
they are not exactly just 5cents  ::) so I definitely like to be more sure to be happy with my pick.

anyones experience to share ?

and theres are a few things i've seen that confuse me a bit

i don't know what part numbers those picks are using.....
i have ordered one of those CF adapters off ebay, haven't got it yet, so to do breadboard prototyping with....
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