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CompactFlash connector for diy assembly


I haven't done anything with CF cards before, and in a bit of a quandary what to choose for
easy diy soldering.
I'm also learning kicad, so not sure atm about ready available footprints for these.
mouser currently have these in stock https://au.mouser.com/c/connectors/memory-connectors/memory-card-connectors/?card%20type=CompactFlash&termination%20style=Through%20Hole&instock=y
I've picked thru-hole here.
there are SMT also available, but worried they might be a bit hard to DIY solder
they are not exactly just 5cents  ::) so I definitely like to be more sure to be happy with my pick.

anyones experience to share ?

and theres are a few things i've seen that confuse me a bit

i don't know what part numbers those picks are using.....
i have ordered one of those CF adapters off ebay, haven't got it yet, so to do breadboard prototyping with....


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