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Connecting three or more wire ends together?

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--- Quote from: Faringdon on March 26, 2023, 10:37:57 am ---..it doesnt look like  you can separate them again later?

--- End quote ---

That depends.  Do you understand how to undo a right-hand nut from a bolt or screw?  If not, then ...

I suspect a wire nut can be made so that the twisting force can only be applied one way, but every wire nut I have encountered can be unscrewed.  It is not always easy, but it can be done.  Reassembling is always easy.  In any event, it is easier than unsoldering and then trying to redo the soldered joint.

With solid wires, as used in mains wiring, wire nuts work great.  Wago types also work.  For stranded wire and mixed stranded/solid I prefer Wago-type, but also use wire nuts.  The problem with wire nuts and stranded wire is the damage to the wire when needing to reconnect.  In any event, it is not as bad as re-doing twisted and soldered (IMHO).

Wago lever actuated ones are cheaper than your time.  I use them everywhere I can.

Hi! American here. Yes, our silly wire nuts can be removed and reused. In terms of being cheap and quick and making good connections without fire hazards, they work fine. That being said, I've had a low opinion of them ever since I learned about Wagos. The wire nuts make an ugly chewed-up mess out of the wires they're twisted onto, while Wagos mangle the wire ends a lot less and let you connect/disconnect individual wires without disturbing the others. I suggest selling some kidneys (not your own kidneys, of course!) and investing in Wagos.

Xena E:
Solder buckets!

A few turns of TCW to a suitable diameter, place wires in tube so made, then solder.
PS once you go Wago You won't  look back!

John B:
Depends on the gauge of wire, and how many. Crimping becomes the cleanest way very quickly. Here's a test crimp from my recent project, I had to join 20x 1mm2 earth and 20x neutral wires. Soldering isn't an option.


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