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I was bitten by the counterfeit chip problem.  Parts off Alibaba did not work in my design while a previous 8,000 genuine parts did.  Here is a good part with important features noted. [attachimg=1]

Here are the counterfeit chips with the features marked. [attachimg=2]

The lettering style is different, but it seems AKM uses different markings at different assembly plants.  Here is one I sent to AKM some time ago when we suspected some devices. [attachimg=3]

The marking on the suspect chip and the previously suspected chip are similar, but the previously suspected chip turned out to work ok.  The thing in common with the good chips is the pin 1 mark is molded rather than laser etched as on the suspected chip. 

I've had some back and forth with the supplier.  Initially he wanted me to test more chips, but I explained the contract assembler is 200 miles from me and they charge for their time, so it would be $1000 for the trip and expenses.   He's talking to his supplier.

I don't think this guy knew the parts were counterfeit.  His source might not know.  What I'm wondering now is how many of these parts are like this?  Each vendor has a different price.  Everyone I tell about there being a lower price says anyone cheaper than them are not selling genuine parts.  So maybe that means they are all fakes.  That's the really bad part of this.  I don't know if I can get real parts at all. 

People who buy parts for production from alibaba must be living in a parallel Universe.... :-//


--- Quote from: Bud on April 03, 2021, 06:18:20 pm ---People who buy parts for production from alibaba must be living in a parallel Universe.... :-//

--- End quote ---
FYI AKM factory burned down and if you want to produce anything without redesigning, you will have no other option other than to buy at shady places.

I'm expecting a $4 million order and it would be nice to be able to fill it.  I believe there are still parts available.  The issue is what you have to pay to get them them.  Apparently something more than what I paid for these.

If you're expecting a $4M order, that $1000 assembly / test fee is lost in the rounding errors. Get on and pay it, or buy a heat gun and swap the parts yourself, it's a total no-brainer.


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