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Customs declarations for consigned parts sent to Chinese PCB assembly shop

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Follow up on the original question:

As I originally stated, Chinese customs requested an invoice from the board assembly house. The assembler in-turn reached out to me for the invoice. I very carefully prepared an invoice that included the HS Tariff codes and matched my shipping manifest. After a few days, I was informed that the package was rejected and returned because the invoice did not match the shipping manifest. After more discussion with the assembler, I found that  Chinese customs had valued my ~$600 worth of parts as about $3 and had missed about a dozen line items. I'm not sure what happened, but there wasn't much that I could do about it. The package is theoretically on it's way back. I'm hoping that it still has all of the parts inside, but I am skeptical.

Wow, that sucks.  I've had queries but never a downright rejection/return.


I send parts to a Chinese factory several times a year. Here's what I recommend.

Send with a well known international courier (DHL, UPS, Fedex), never use the postal service. You are selling goods to your 'customer' in China - include a commercial invoice. This contains description, country of origin, price, quantity, and HS tariff code. Price can be anything. Quantity doesn't have to match the quantity of goods in the package, but try to not be more than an order of magnitude off. Adjust the price/quantity so the total value ends up being about USD 50/kg. Never include more than five line items. If you have more, just put the first five and leave the rest off the paperwork.

The receiver pays something like 17% tax on the value declared. I usually didn't bother to put HS tariff numbers until about a year ago when the courier/customs changed the recipient some ridiculous extra fees on one shipment. Now I put the code 8542.39 on every item and haven't had any trouble since.   


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