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Hello :)

I am making really small and cheap (almost Chinese-like priced!) gadget. The board itself is 23x34mm big. The cheapest option is (how else than) iTeadStudio with their $15 5x5cm colour boards.

I can fit two of these designs onto one board and save actually a lot of money (parts are less than $2.5 and I'd like the board to be sub-$1). I am wondering what is the easiest and most convenient way to cut the board in half (since they do not allow you to make v-grooving)? I tried exacto knife with not much of a success. My idea is that one could use glass cutter since it is FR4? Basically "V-groove" it manually and then just snap it.

Thanks for any hints :)

PS: PCBCart asks much more $$, just as any local PCB fab house.

Short Circuit:
Ordinary hacksaw will do fine.

Chet T16:
I think I seen someone mention here that they had used a tile cutter. Dust would be nasty though!

Usually I score the board several times with a piece of hacksaw blade sharpened at the end, then I bend the board until it snaps in two.

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Idea 1: Use a small PCB mill. In my case, I just mount a small mill bit into my pcb drill/mill stand and lower it all the way down.
Attach a some bar exactly the width of your pcb away from the mill tip.
Slide your double pcb along the bar, cutting right in the middle between the two pcbs.

Idea 2: Make the V grove yourself, using some sharp v shaped tool and a steel ruler. Score and snap off.

Idea 3: I had some success cutting pcbs with massive scissors used for cutting sheet metal. You need the type that allows cuts longer than the blade. I took a piece of pcb to hardware store and tried all the scissors they had, walked out with acceptable ones. Probably not ideal for your situation as one of the two sides gets bent. Good for cutting excess rims. Great for cutting perfboard.


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