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Desktop Reflow Oven with Repeatability and Reliability Recommendations?

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I use the T-937 with GC10 lead-free paste and I get very repeatable results out the box. My usual load is 6 pcb's covering a total area of 200mm x 180mm and with no apparent hot or cold spots. I've done hundreds of loads.
It sits in my main workshop beacuse since it's fitted with an exhaust fan I get very little fumes, if any, into my workshop.
The software to create/modify profiles is pretty bad......but it does work and thankfully once the profiles are loaded onto the T-937 it's there that they stay ready for call up.

I also have a T-962 which I upgraded with parts from estechnical .co.uk, but it's still not as good as the T-937.......and when I did use it, it filled my workshop with fumes due to lack of proper exhaust fan/vent!


Hi Ian:

Thanks for responding. I have seen some of your YouTube videos, and enjoyed them very much. If you are using this for the Voltage Reference Boards, than the complexity of those are about on par with the boards I am attempting. I might have to simply wire a 230 - 240VAC outlet into the area where the oven will reside. Normally not an issue, but there is the problem with building management approvals, which tends to do nothing but drive the cost up!


I reversed the T926 fan so it extracts - like the recent models from Puhui, which have the duct on the back. Without this, the oven stinks out the whole building :)

The one I got is a non-Puhui copy from UK Ebay; no duct.

The fan needs to run slowly though - I set it to 8% - otherwise the heating cannot cope with the cold air coming in. The same issue exists if the fan is blowing air in, of course, but then you don't get any fume extraction.

I would recommend a torch oven or manncorp (usually rebadged torch).  If budget was there I'd look at neoden in6 but you may have no need for conveyorized oven.  I'd also look at novastar oven.  For 200 pcbs you can look at a heat plate.

Unless your PCBs are double sided :)

I measured a peak temp of +150C on the bottom, in mine, which should be ok.


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