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Desktop Reflow Oven with Repeatability and Reliability Recommendations?

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I have a need to produce between 150 - 200 PCB's per year which measure approximately 4 x 6". The each PCB will have approximately 150 components on it. I have looked at T962A+ and out of the box I am afraid this will not meet my requirements. I am looking for some recommendations of a Reflow Oven, which has repeatable results, and can follow a profile without significant modification. The material I have chosen for my PCB's is not cheap, and it wont take too many burned boards before paying a bit more for a reliable oven becomes cost effective. Ideally, I would like a desktop model, which could fit two or more PCB's in it at one time. I would also prefer to run the oven from 110 - 120VAC if at all possible.

I have consulted google, and I am afraid there is just so much information that it's becoming counterproductive. What I am hoping for is some advice from someone who has done something like I propose above.

Thanks in Advance!


I have been using own hacked oven with own controller. It worked very well for 10 years until I started to pick and place faster than I can reflow them. That is when I bought the T-937. It works well in most cases unless you are doing lead free with plastic connectors, then it's tough because in most cases the plastic will melt. So, I used medium temperature solder paste if I have plastic connectors on the design. I wouldn't recommend those smaller ones like T-962. The T-937 has a circulation fan, an exhaust fan and a mini small fan to cool down it's electronics plus a bigger drawer. The temperature reading on the LCD is higher than theoretical curve because it measures the air temperature instead of the PCB. So, the differences is somehow compensated.


Thanks for the information.  I will eventually be running Lead Free, but for the first runs I will be using lead. I have no problem hand soldering the few components which would be at risk melting.

Can you tell me how many profile can be loaded and used with the T937? Have their been any mods you are aware of? From your description I was not clear if maybe there had been like the T962.. 


Hi 48X:

I just took a look at the spec, and I see this is a 220VAC input system. Unfortunately, getting 220VAC installed in the office space I am in would 10X the T937.  I appreciated the feedback however.

Anyone have experience with Manncorp? 


It can load 8 profile at a time. Quite a number of samples profile is available on their software. It is a far better constructed oven than the smaller T-962. Of course the price is a lot more too. Don't mix your oven usage between leaded and lead free. Stick to one else you will contaminate the oven with lead if your real intend is to sell as lead-free.


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