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Desoldering tool. Completely clears holes?

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Do you think the following desoldering gun will completely remove solder from 1mm PTHs on a 1oz  copper PCB which is 1.6mm thick?


We need to re-insert de-soldered 20 way, 2.54mm pitch  pin headers...

The PTH is 1mm diam and the pin header pin is 0.65mm diam, so even the slightest trace of uncleared solder prevents re-insertion of a fresh pin header into the holes.

Depends how much solder is left plating the PTH and pins. Is this lead or lead free solder? It's a tight tollerance.

Sucking clean PTH holes is a pain but can be achieved with practice. Don't overheat or the pad sucks right off too. Provided everything else is within spec, and the pins are straight, they should go together. Just. Liquid flux can act as a 'lubricant' on the pins. Just try it out on a scrap board if you're concerned. * A hot air gun might just save the day.*

Regardless of the hardware, I ask who is doing the rework? A skilled practitioner who understands how to use desolder equipment, someone with the necessary attention to detail? Or a bench monkey of average ability (on minimum wage) who'll make parts fit, even if they don't? Reworking boards is a skill in its own right.

If suck doesn't work for you, try blowing.  That's what I used to do.  You can get a pretty good blast in a small area.  It's a little messier.  You can also try flicking the board on a trash can.  That is probably not practical given the board size you have. 

Today, I use a fine solderdick with a conical SMD tip.  You can poke a little bit of the braid in the hole and it clears just fine.  Multiple holes will be a pain regardless. 

If the connector isn't there and you just need to clean up the holes, one of these may do the job...


It can help to add solder before using suction too. 

Is it just the one connector, or many?  There are a number of companies who could re-work them for you too.  I've done similar over the years.

I agree with jpanhalt that blowing air often works better than sucking. I keep a can of 'air' on the bench that I use to blow solder out of holes as well as from under chips, etc. Good for ll sorts of things, really. They sell cans at most office supply stores intended for cleaning keyboards, etc.


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