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DF40 Connector Placement by CM



I have some designs that use the Hirose DF40 series of connector (same as the Raspberry PI CM 4). I generally get around 500 of these boards produced every year in batches of 100. I have not yet found a CM that can consistently place these connectors in the center of the pads and I was wondering if anyone has used these connectors in medium volume designs, and if so what CMs do you use for assembly?

Thank you,

- Curtis

Saying DF40 series is not enough to get good guidance, please write the manufacturer part number.
if you have any images that explains your request then it will be more helpful.
I used those connectors on my board to interface with the Arduino Portenta board which has also high density connectors (see image below).
Btw the technical name of these connectors is "Mezzanine connectors" or "board to board connectors" some people call it HRS connectors because of the name of the manufacturer.


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