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Do you ask for "electrical test" with PCBs?

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When you order PCBs from China  and the selector offers you "electrical test"....is it worth selecting it?....i am speaking of just standard offline SMPS PCBs.
Is it worth selecting any of the test  methods offered?

With the low-cost Chineses PCB houses I have used, the cost for electrical testing is zero. Hence yes, it's worth selecting it.  ;)

Thanks, what if you choose the option with no testing or inspection...is that a bit dodgy?......(just so i can gauge it, i appreciate its so low price its worth getting testing)

Is spending your time (and parts) building a prototype board, only to find that there are one or more unknown shorts or opens a bit dodgy?   ::)

Thnaks, may i ask, what do you think the chances of that might be, ie, if you didnt select the test/inspection thing?


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