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Does anyone have experience purchasing semiconductor fab tools on ebay?

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Budgeting for 2016, I could get a nice tool for cheap on ebay. This mask aligner specifically: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/261950938891

Is the process (payment, shipping, etc) going to be a headache?

Any pointers are appreciated.

Where in the world are you?

I have bought production equipment from the US and had it shipped to Germany and had no problem.
Payment was made with international wire transfer.
But before I would buy anything of this price magnitude, I would have it inspected and then make a real contract.
Depending on the seller and his reputation, you might want to use an escrow service.
Unless you are around the corner from this seller and you inspect it yourself.

Thanks for the pointers, very helpful.

Im in the US and so is the tool. I dont think shipping would be too much of an issue.

I guess I have a stigma about ebay. Would someone blow their reputation for $100k?


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 :o Woohoo!

Wow, that's a serious bit of kit.
What do you need it for?


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