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Does China or Hong Kong have its own version of Digikey/Element14 etc?


Where you can buy genuine (non-fake) components?
I don't mean a Chinese branch of Digikey/Element14, I mean an actual Chinese company.

I'm in Australia and I'm just trying to find a supplier that uses regular postal carriers instead of courier services because they don't work well for residental delivery addresses. Deliveries typically fail then get returned to depots that are far away from where I live.


Yeah, LCSC which is closely associated with JLCPCB and EasyEDA.  https://www.lcsc.com/

While they offer cheaper airmail services, I usually use their DHL shipping.  My DHL driver knows to leave packages with my neighbours when I am away from the office.  This is easily set up in the DHL app.
I will try to place my LCSC orders just after placing a JLCPCB order, as you then are offered discounted shipping.

They are not quite as fast to ship as Digikey/Mouser/E14, and they don't have as consistent stock levels, but for common parts they usually have very large stock holdings and are substantially cheaper.
I find them great when I am doing bulk orders for production.  I am sure smaller orders via airmail would also make sense for hobbyists.


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