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Easier alternatives for wire-to-board cable attachment

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So I'm working on a project that involves this "sensor probe" at the end of a captive cable:


Right now I'm connecting the cable to the PCB by soldering the wires directly into holes at the edge of the PCB, and using a zip-tie at the unpopulated end of said PCB as a sort-of strain relief. While this does work, the process of assembling it is fiddly and annoying. If I ever want to make more than one or two of these, I can see it becoming a major time/frustration bottleneck.

I'm wondering if there are any good solutions for making this process easier. For example, some sort of connector I could crimp onto the wires in one or two actions. (any connector that requires manually fiddling/crimping pins onto each conductor then inserting into a shell would likely be even more annoying than how I'm doing it now)  I also understand that the same connector could be easy/difficult depending entirely on tooling, so suggestions along those lines are also welcome.

If your budget permits, have you considered a 'magsafe' style of interconnect?

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Outsource the assembly of the cable to someone else?

1) Use a connector
2) Use a "board-in" connector - something with male pins that get soldered into the PCB - quite common on consumer stuff or where space is limited
3) Use surface pads  not through-hole, and put paste on them in the stencil design. Pre-tinned wires can tehn be soldered on very quickly, especially if they are positioned so the cable cores get fanned out. If doing a lot, use a solder-pot and wide -blade stripper to strip and tin quickly

Is that an FTDI cable you have OP? If so why not get one with a header at the end and then just get a mating connector on the PCB?

Would still recommend you use the cable tie on the PCB, as I don't think any of the FTDI cable connectors are locking


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