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Title: Elecrow Rush service - 2-3day
Post by: Psi on July 06, 2015, 11:43:48 am
Paid and submitted PCB gerbers to elecrow using their 2-3day "Rush service" which cost $25 extra on my order (20pcs, 5x10cm, ENIG)

Got email saying their engineer was checking my gerbers

Got email saying my board was being put into production and it will take 2 days

I'm very impressed.  :-+
It usually takes like 2-3 days for my gerbers to be accepted when i use their regular service.
2-3 hours is awesome, totally worth $25
Title: Re: Elecrow Rush service - 2-3day
Post by: unitedatoms on August 21, 2015, 05:24:00 pm
Thank you for review. I decided to use same 12HR rush on Elecrow for 2 layers 100x200mm x5 boards order with 2-3 days DHL. Lets see what happens.

Aug 21st 1PM: sent the files and paid.
Aug 21st 9:36PM: email about "recieved your order and the gerber file"
Aug 22nd 5:50AM: weekend email "going into production. Will take 2 business days"
Aug 24th 11:18PM: email "with picture ( that boards are shipped expect delivery in 1-5 days"
Aug 26th 1:10PM: arrived! The order was for 5 boards, there is 7 boards in the package!

Other notes: $129.70 with delivery included. Great. Using them right now.
Seeedstudio: paid $70 for the same order. I gave up waiting for their Singapore Post after 17 days. $39 after discount. The online system has no way to upload the files. Gave up on them. Possibly lost $39. Edit: they confirmed 36 hours later through email that the system has no capability to upload the gerbers. Paypal resolved the transaction dispute in my favor. May be is a good company, but I do not like the habit of charging before accepting gerbers. Will not do business with them. Quote is $450. Too high
MorePCB, China: My best supplier so far. The very odd designs are done fast, cheap and with excellent communication. I wish I sticked to them for this board, but thought that Seeedstudio Fusion is faster - wrong. It is my fault to not understand that Fusion means "whenever".
Other USA quotes: All >$400 do not remember whom I tried. No way. quote is about $200. Well. A bit too expensive and not as fast (but will try them for may be next something).

Title: Re: Elecrow Rush service - 2-3day
Post by: Psi on August 22, 2015, 12:43:12 am
Since then I've also used their fastest service which cost 60 more.
It was equally as impressive
Of cause it probably does depend on the time the order is submitted
Cant expect them to start work right away if gerbers are submited outside of china working hours