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--- Quote from: gregariz on July 16, 2011, 02:27:10 am ---Hi Guys, below is a list of manufacturers/suppliers for electronic enclosures. Please make suggestions and they will be added.

Electronics Specific Manufacturers
Axxatronic http://shop.axxatronic.de/prod_2.html
Boss http://www.boss-enclosures.co.uk/Enclosures
BOPLA http://www.bopla.de/
Box Clever http://www.boxcleverltd.com/
Box Enclosures http://www.boxenclosures.com
Bud Industries http://www.budind.com/
Changhe Enclosures http://www.enclosures.com.cn/en_index.php
Context Engineering (extrusions) http://contextengineering.com/
Diptal http://www.diptal.com/
Eurobox Enclosures http://www.euroboxenclosures.co.uk/index.php
Evatron http://evatron.com/
Fischer Elektronik http://www.fischerelektronik.de/index.php/cases-fcase/?&L=1
Gainta http://www.gainta.co.uk/index.php
Hammond http://www.hammondmfg.com/scpg.htm (Also Eddystone Cases in the UK)
Industrial Enclosures http://www.industrial-enclosures.com/
Italtronic http://www.italtronic.com/home.asp?lng=2
Kemo Electronic http://www.kemo-electronic.de/en/Components/Cases/
K&W (now a part of Wiltronics) http://www.wiltronics.com.au/catalogue/133126/electronic-components-and-parts/boxes-enclosures-and-storage-cases/kandw-metal-boxes (Aussie Made!)
LMB Heeger http://lmbheeger.com/
Lincoln Binns http://www.lincolnbinns.com/products.htm
Metcase http://www.metcase.com/
Multi-box http://www.multi-box.com/gehaeuse.html
New Age Enclosures http://www.newageenclosures.com/
OKW http://www.okwenclosures.com/index.htm
Pactec http://www.pactecenclosures.com/
Perancea http://www.perancea.com/
Polycase http://www.polycase.com/
Retex http://www.retex.es/en/Enclosures.axd
Ritec http://www.ritec.com.tw/enclosure.htm
Rolec http://www.rolec-enclosures.co.uk/  Good for unusual-sized diecast boxes
Rose http://www.rose-enclosures.co.uk/
Serpac http://www.serpac.com/
Simco http://simcobox.com/
Strapubox http://strapubox.de/5/Home_.html
Supertronic http://www.supertronic.com/index.asp
Takachi http://www.takachi-enclosure.com/
Teko http://www.tekoenclosures.com/enclosures/enclosures.html
UniBox http://www.uniboxenclosures.com/

Custom Enclosures, Front Panels & Machining Services
CAM Expert http://www.cam-expert.com/index.html (includes front panel CAD software)
Protocase http://www.protocase.com/index.php (includes case design CAD software)
eMachineshop http://www.emachineshop.com/machine-shop/Custom-Front-Panels/page426.html (includes CAD for front panels and general machining)
FrontPanel Express http://www.frontpanelexpress.com/ (includes front panel CAD software)
FrontPanel Expert http://frontpanelexpert.com/ (includes front panel CAD software)
Panel Pool http://www.panel-pool.com/fpuk/index.html?PHPSESSID=8525f980ade0d122c4336878772f737e (includes front panel CAD software)
Panel Print http://www.panel-print.com/
EZ-PCB http://www.ezpcb.com/ezpcbweb3/index.php (does frontpanels, stencils & machining)
Audesine http://www.audesine.com/index.php/front-panels (no legend, laser cut brushed stainless steel)
ModuShop http://www.modushop.biz/ecommerce/cat109_l2.php?n=1#4 (customized front panels, machining, drilling, engraving & ink filling services)
ProtoPlates http://www.protoplates.com/ (Custom Aluminium panels and Vinyl overlays)

Industrial Enclosures (Systems, Racks, Din Rails, Electrical Boxes)
Belden (Lumberg) http://www.belden.com/07Markets/07_EnclosureCableMgmt/07_EnclosuresCableMgmt.cfm (large rack systems)
Bernic http://www.bernic.dk/ (alot of DIN rail)
Camden http://www.camdenelec.com/electronics/product-category.asp?Category=ENCLOSURES  Mostly Din rail stuff
Cubic http://www.cubic.dk/Products/The_Modular_system.aspx
    incl: Flexible copper busbars http://www.cubic.dk/Products/Cu-flex_-_Flexible_copper_busbars.aspx
Deltron http://www.dem-uk.com/deltron-enclosures/default.asp
Elma http://elma.com/Americas/English/Products.aspx (Some Instrument cases as electronic enclosures above)
Fibox http://catalogs.fibox.com/catalogs/search.taf?userlang=ENG3
Rittal http://rittal-corp.com/index.cfm
Schneider (Sarel) http://www.schneider-electric.co.uk/sites/uk/en/products-services/automation-control/products-offer/enclosures/enclosures.page
Schroff http://www.schroff.us/products/

Front Panel & Meter Face Design Software Only (no manufacturing service)
Front Designer http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/frontdesigner.html
Galva by F5BU http://tk5ep.free.fr/tech/abaqueROS/en/gainchart.php (Meter Faces, Front Panels, anything really - Latex like)
    download link: http://tk5ep.free.fr/tech/abaqueROS/datas/Galva_185-3L.zip
Meter http://www.tonnesoftware.com/meter2.html (meter face software)

Laser Cutting Services
   Pololu http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/749 (general laser cutting and SMT stencils - send an autocad file)
   Seeed Studio http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/laser-cutting-service-beta-p-1009.html?cPath=185
   Polyester stencils
   SMT Stencil UK www.smtstencil.co.uk
   Darkmass http://www.darkmass.co.uk/
   Stainless stencils
   Euro Circuits www.eurocircuits.com
   Tecan www.tecan.com
   Spark Laser http://www.sparkslaser.co.uk/SparksLaser/Stencils.html
   PCB Train http://www.pcbtrain.co.uk/stencil.php?section=1

3D Printing Services
Shapeways http://www.shapeways.com/ (send a 3D cad file)
Ponoko http://www.ponoko.com/

Polycarbonate Overlay Service (Lexan etc)
My1Stop http://www.my1stop.com/Graphic-Overlays.aspx (send a Autocad Cut File + A Corel Draw/Adobe Illustrator Artwork File)
Performance Labels http://www.labelsandgraphics.com/material/lexan.html
DataCal http://www.datacal.com (also Pad Printing)
Rockford Silk Screen http://www.rockfordsilkscreen.com/
Ms Carita http://www.mscarita.com/
3 Sixty Group http://www.3sixtygroup.com/

Other Labeling Products
Quick Labels http://www.megauk.com/quicklaser.php (Polyester Labels for laser Printers)
3M Scotchmark http://www.wiltronics.com.au/catalogue/262/electronic-components-and-parts/boxes-enclosures-and-storage-cases/laser-printer-labelling-system (Laser printed labels - white/silver, similar to Quick labels)
3M Quickmark http://www.megauk.com/quickmark.php (used to be Scotchcal in 80's then Dynamark) (Photographic expose - no chemicals)
Datak DataMark Dry Transfers http://www.philmore-datak.com/mc/Page%20273.pdf (old fashioned sheets of dry rub-on lettering, dial's, meters etc)
Letraset Transfers http://www.letraset.com/products/90-Letraset-Transfers/ (kind of like Datak - not as many options)
Alucorex http://www.bungard.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=26&Itemid=77&lang=english (kind of like Scotchcal - photosenstive colored coating on anodized aluminium)
AlumaMark http://www.horizonsisg.com/alumamark.html (color coated aluminum for lasers)

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great? thanks to share,by the way,PCB manufacturers/suppliers, Is there a middle man draining your profit. Get rid of them, it's information age. I started using the Internet to link the PCBWay own factory, removing the central parity.http://www.pcbway.com

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As an electronic enthusiasts, I made a website: pcb.ui3g.com, The Printed Circuit Industries Service, Product and Resource Guide, hope to get your factory sponsorship,

http://www.par-metal.com - rack mount and audio amplifier enclosures in aluminum. Shipped as a knock-down kit.

Tip: you can send the front panels to Front Panel Express, they will machine and engrave it for you.

https://www.modushop.biz/ - among other things, reasonably nice rack-mountable cases

*** EDIT *** I didn't notice Modushop were in the list already - but only in the "custom / engraving" section, for some reason(?) *** END OF EDIT ***

http://www.altinkaya.eu/17-19-rack-enclosures - in my searches for an even cheaper "blank" 2U 19" rack case, i came across this Turkish company. Dirt cheap - and i mean DIRT CHEAP small-size die-cast enclosures as well (think guitar pedals and whatnot)

That being said, how feasible would it be to perhaps also classify the list in the first post, by geographical location (as well)? Or at least indicate where each are based?

I think everyone will agree, even if you find some good-looking affordable items, often the shipping and/or customs can really be quite the buzz-kill, to say the least  :rant:

Anyone know of a source for boxes/enclosures with cutouts for standard sized LCD displays?  It always seems a bit of a pain to have to cut a slightly ugly opening, then cover it with a bezel (which is what I've been doing).


Please, add my company on your list for

Custom Panels: panels.mwf-services.com
Enclosure: box.mwf-services.com

The tools allow one to do a lot, but obviously, further customization levels are allowed if you contact us. They can even be integrated into these tools since you give us feedback.



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